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A Museum Archive



with Hanqing Yao

The project read our culture as an accumulation of products that we produced and consumed. The archive plays a role as a mirror that reflects our society's current taste and definition of a good design.


I looked into Amazon, the biggest online shopping website in the country. Here, I used people' s shopping habit and preference to explore the nature of how our culture collects things. I also borrowed the methodology of how Amazon collects its products in distribution centers, which is everything is categorized by their size.

Categorization does not happen with the function of the item, but the shelves play a role in that categorization.


The archive is comprised of 13 rooms of different shapes and sizes. In order to focus demonstrate the interaction between the form of the volume and the forms of display, I designed a set of shelves with functions of both collection and interactive exhibition. There are 12 kinds of shelves with heights of 5 feet to 40 feet. The shelves not only provides various spatial experiences for visitors but also integrated circulation systems such as stairs and ladders.

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